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The Sigma House

The brief stated that the single plot be divided conceptually into three equal areas, housing three individual units for the clients. This resulted in a linear arrangement along the N - S axis with an effort made to sandwich the service areas in between the main units. The design was thus conceptualized as two areas. The front, as the public area housing the driveway and entrances to the units, and the rear, as the private space with landscaped gardens, gazebo and the pool.

The challenge was to give the individual units their own distinct character, at the same time harmonize with the entire composition. The individuality of each unit was maintained in the common premises by clever detailing of architectural elements like windows, roofs, chajjas, cladding etc..which were handled in unison as well as individually. A combination of lean-to, pitched and hipped roofs were used to create interest in the massing of the houses, maintaining the overall architectural fabric of the building.

1. Fact file


: The Sigma House

: C.V.Raman Nagar, Bangalore
: NA
Design team 
: Arjun U. Nambisan, Rohith C. Patil
Prime contractor 
: K. Govindan
           Structural  : Naresh Associates, Bangalore
           P.H.E : Nambisan Associates, Bangalore
           Electrical : Mr. L.V. Ranganath, Bangalore
           Landscape : Hariyalee Eco-systems, Bangalore
Built-up area
: 11,900 Sft = 1,106 Sqm
Project cost
: NA
Project completion
: November 2003
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